Hello, we are Lexallo:
a team of language experts
assembled in-house
from all over the world.

Pleased to meet you.

Every team: an in-house team

Unlike translation agencies that largely outsource work to freelancers, we assemble internal teams for long-term or large-scale projects. A project manager, lead linguist, and editor sit in-house, are allocated tools and resources, and remain dedicated to one account. This working model makes communicating and coordinating a breeze and keeps quality consistent. You may even work with the expert of your choice or build entire teams based on your preferred work style.

Hiring only the best

All our translators and editors hold top certifications and accreditations, such as CATTI and TEM 8 in China. In addition to having the highest attainable qualifications and academic expertise, each team member is a native speaker culturally sensitive to the languages they translate.